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How the Mid West Band started

During the reorganization of the Dutch Police in 1993 the Tilburg police force seized to exist and transformed into the Police Midden en West Brabant .

The Big Band of the Tilburg Police changed its name. The new name was to be the Mid West Band and nowadays well known.

A number of artistic musical conductors leaded the band.

In the beginning of the Tilburgse Politie Bigband the conductor was Rinus van Hamond and he guided the orchestra on it's first steps transforming from a brass band with traditional harmony music to a Big Band repertoire. This was a great task for Rinus trying to teach the musicians to adapt a completely different style of playing.

Several years later when the orchestra got it's present name: Mid West Band, Rinus van Hamond was succeeded by Maino Remmers. A real authority in the Big Band music being the deputy director of the Fontys Conservatorium in Tilburg .

Starting in 2003 Rob van Reijmersdal is the inspiring leader of the band. With special arrangements written by Rob the contemporary and versatile repertoire moved up. Big Band standards of course stay on the repertoire. We are a Big Band after all.


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